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  • 1990:        Born in Ethiopia 

  • 1992:         Adopted by a French family and brought up in a quiet French                     house, full of  love, in Roanne, to the north-west of Lyon 

  • 1994:         First steps on a stage as a baby dancer 

  • 1995:         First time I put my fingers on a piano – and it becomes the                         instrument of my  life

  • 2002        First performance singing as a soloist: ‘My choice is made –                    Mum, Dad, I  want to be a singer!’ 

  • 2002-07:   Singing competitions in France; I’m regularly in the top                             three

  • 2008 :      I join a troup called ‘Les Concerts Roannais’, a lovely, lively                     blend of theatre, singing and dancing, and perform with                        them  for two years 

  • 2010:        I join a new band – ‘The Road Trip’ – as lead singer

  • 2012:       The desire to put my singing career on a more professional                    basis necessitates a move to Paris 

  • 2012:        I am chosen to be the lead singer of the ‘Villabe Big band’,                          performing in Paris and the surrounding area. I sing with                          them for three years 

  • 2015:       An a cappella performance for the French prime minister,                      I record my first pop/soul EPK, Mama , with four of my                            own songs, went on tour throughout France. I move to                            London,  working in music 

  • 2018:        I make my first performance in a London venue –                                          

Interview RVR 2014 - Maryam
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....Powerful vocals...Maryam's beautiful, soulful voice works well across a mix of genres.. 

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